Primpin’ Ain’t Easy: Find The Summer Beauty Look That Fits Your Personality


Daring, Dashing Diva
Celebrity Inspiration: Chanel Iman

You’re the girl who inspires others’ makeup look. They always want to know what you used and how you did it! You steal the show on every scene and ooze confident sensuality because you’re not afraid to highlight your beauty assets.

-Cover your lid with a brown or black eye shadow base to the eye and blend it with your fingers. (A cream base will help with the blending process and using a brown base will tone down the look.)

-Use the tip of your finger to blend the color up to your crease. This will help you avoid the raccoon eye look.

-Apply a black eye shadow pencil to the bottom lash line covering about 1/ 3 of the lid.

-You can also use a black cream shadow or pigmented cream eyeliner.

-Use an eye shadow brush to pat the black eye shadow of your choice onto the lid starting from the lash line up to the crease. This is the part where you can have a little fun by using a matte shade or black shimmer on the lid!

-Use a blending brush to smooth the black shadow for a clean finish.

- Add that same black shadow to the tip of your eye shadow brush and blend it into your lower lash line. You can use a smaller brush for a thinner line or if you need more control.

-Finish the look by with a highlight color on the brow bone. Blend it down to the crease. – Flash sassy lashes with two coats of mascara.

-Plump that pout with a matte nude lip color.