Put it in writing: Should women omit fathers’ names from birth certificates?


In the world of baby mama (and daddy) drama, we know kids can sometimes be used as pawns between parents. Single mothers will often refuse to let fathers see their children if they don’t pay child support or fulfill their fatherly obligations in any way, and men who have sole custody tend to do the same.

Rapper Bow Wow seems to be headed down this road, with reports that the mother of his baby girl, who goes by the name Miss Joie, left his name off of her birth certificate because he wasn’t there for the birth (he showed up six days later), nor the nine months leading up to that time. He’s also expressed frustration that his 3-year-old has to live with the mother, requiring him to fly five hours to visit.

I get it. Being a father is far more than donating your sperm and it’s up to mothers to require that men do more than that; however whether it’s in writing or not, the reality is Shad Gregory Moss is the child’s paternal father and nothing can change that.

Omitting a father’s name from a child’s birth certificate for mistakes a man makes as he eases into parenthood is setting oneself up for a host of questions from the child once they’re old enough to assess the situation—and possibly unnecessarily so. If the man turns over a new leaf, the skeletons surrounding the birth of the child might best be left in the closet.

What do you say Vixens? Are women justified in keeping their child’s father’s name off of the birth certificate or should they put it in writing?

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