Quote Monster: Fergie Gives Insight Into Conflicts With Will.I.Am


While everyone tries to figure out whether they care or not about the Black Eyed Peas (semi) split, we decided to flip through Fergie’s July Allure cover story for answers on this so-called break. Peep a revealing excerpt below:

There is conflict,” admits Fergie, who has been rumored to permanently leaving the group. For one, she says, Will doesn’t like to allow recorded music tracks they’re still developing to be removed from the studio, even if Fergie is working on the lyrics. “He’s very protective, and it drives me nuts because [I do] a lot of my best work, writing-wise, when I’m completely alone.” As a way of getting around Will, apl.de.ap made her a necklace with an MP3 player stocked with new tracks, one of which became “The Situation,” a song on the deluxe edition of The Beginning that Fergie co-wrote about her relationship with Will. Sample lyric: “I build you high/ You break me down/ And that’s the story of our situation.”