Quote Monster: Lil B Says ‘I’m Gay’ Is Just As Classic As Biggie, Jay-Z & Nas’ Best


I’m Gay is going to be one of the most classic albums to ever touch down in hiphop. Once you hear the music and see the measures I’m going through for the people, it’ll be one of the Tupacs, the Biggie Smalls, the Lil Waynes, the DMXs, the Black Robs, the Beanie Sigels, the Jay-Zs, the Commons, the Kanye Wests, The Lupe Fiascos. It’s just goin’ to be real hard, the real love, the real struggle, the real pain. It’s goin’ to be somethin’ that uplifts people. Let me be the human sacrifice for the people. If I got to be the person that helps the world get better, let that be. If I gota go through pain so the next generation can be free and happy…let that be.” —as told to Tracy Garraud (@trayhova)

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