Quote Monster: Scott Storch Says Amy ‘Should’ve Listened To Her Own Song’


It’s been only days since news broke about Amy Winehouse’s passing, and opinions on the sad situation are still rolling in. Mega producer Scott Storch had a small exchange with TMZ cameras about the fallen star’s recent passing.

R.I.P. man. She should’ve listened to her own song.” He said straightforwardly while cameras snapped. When asked about whether or not he would consider doing a tribute song to her, he said “I would consider that, but…” before drifting off and adding “Drugs are fucked up. I learned my own lesson too.”

He is referencing his own cocaine habit, which reportedly ran him up to $30 million before finally getting the help he needed. One thing we can all agree on is that drugs are in fact messed up, and will mess you up in the worst way. If struggling, get help. If not, be fortunate and stay away from it. R.I.P. Amy. —Keenan Higgins