Rapstress-Turnt-Actress: 9 Amazing Female Rappers to Watch on Screen


Many male rappers have made the transition to the big screen, the most laudable being the powerful Will Smith. But more female hip-hop stars are looking to break into the movie business, seeking to express sides of themselves that are deeper than their music personas. These nine rapstresses represent the best of women and hip-hop who also have the biggest chance of making it in feature films. Why let the boys – like Common, T.I. and more – have all the fun? We need to see more from these raptresses-turnt-actresses in the coming years.

The Trendsetter: Nicki Minaj

When Nicki Manaj attended the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, she let it be known that acting will be the next stage in her successful career. She told the press from the red carpet, “That’s what I want to do with my life, I want to retire as an actress. I love acting, I studied acting,” revealing quite a big surprise. Minaj named Hollywood veterans Will Smith and director Tim Burton as two she’d love to work with, but Nicki is no movie rookie. The omnipresent rapstress has already made her feature debut in the gritty independent release, “Stuck on Broke” (2010). Nicki Minaj will certainly bring her penchant for the dramatic to future roles as she parlays her popularity even further.