Rapstress-Turnt-Actress: 9 Amazing Female Rappers to Watch on Screen


The Transformer: Lil Kim

If Nicki Minaj plans to get into acting, it should come as no surprise that her arch enemy, Lil Kim plans to do the same. She announced in late 2010, “Over the next few years, I see myself venturing more into acting. I love the idea of being able to morph into different characters and showing different sides of me.” A common pitfall of being such a colorful character in rap, Lil Kim has already made several appearances in movies as herself, including hits such as “Zoolander” (2001) and “You Got Served” (2004). But 2008, she got to express herself in a creative role in the comic book film spoof “Superhero Movie.” Could more serious roles be in the future for her? Maybe she and Nicki will go head to head again, rekindling their ever-entertaining beef.