Rapstress-Turnt-Actress: 9 Amazing Female Rappers to Watch on Screen


The Drama Queen: Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown’s life reads like street lit legend. As a female rapper who came up under two incredible mentors, Jay-Z and Nas, Brown’s then life spiraled into a series of nail-biting misadventures that kept the public guessing. From facing multiple encounters with the law, to suffering from hysterical hearing loss, Foxy’s story has primed her for serving drama. It’s too bad that the only movie role she has had to date was in the 1998 Jada Pinkett-Smith vehicle “Woo,” in which she played the blandly titled “Fiancée.” An appearance as herself in the Jay-Z documentary “Fade to Black” (2004) rounds out her filmic career. But now that Foxy Brown has repented for her past sins, she is primed to take on bigger challenges. By overcoming demons in her own life, she epitomized the qualities of the female protagonist.