Raquel Nelson Faces 36 Months In Prison, Son Killed In Hit-And-Run


Take a look at the video below of Raquel Nelson on NBC’s Today Show, in an exclusive interview with Ann Curry.

The 30-year-old mother of 3 was recently convicted in the hit and run death of her 4-year-old son A.J. that occurred April 10th of last year. Nelson and her children were crossing Austell Road in Marietta, GA after getting off the bus, when Jerry Guy struck the group, immediately killing A.J., as well as injuring Nelson and her daughters. Guy, who has been convicted of hit-and-run charges in the past, recently finished 6 months of a 5 year sentence after being convicted in his third case. He was under alcohol influence at the time of the crash.

In Nelson’s case, a judge on Tuesday could choose to sentence her one year for each of the misdemeanors the jury convicted her of: second-degree vehicular homicide, reckless conduct and crossing a roadway elsewhere than a crosswalk.

Regardless of how unlikely a three-year sentence is for misdemeanors, Raquel Nelson believes: “This will never end for me.” She also believes she was falsely convicted because the middle class appointed jury couldn’t possibly understand the plight of a single mother who relies on public transportation.

What do you think? Should Raquel Nelson go to jail for the death of her son A.J.?