Return Of The Egg: Lady Gaga Gets Yolked Up For Using A Wheelchair Prop


Lady Gaga’s more than well-known for her outrageous style, but fans thought the eccentric went jumped the creative ship with her latest gimmick— a wheelchair prop.

At a recent appearance in Australia’s Sydney Town Hall, Gaga rolled around in a wheelchair singing “You and I” and wore a mermaid type of costume that bounded her legs in light of her alto ego “Yuyi.” Fans took offense to what they believed was a mockery of the disabled and as a result egged her and her crew after the performance.

Rumors say this egg-show was either induced by her wheelchair stunt or as a prank that was meant to tease her for spending 72 hours in an egg vessel that she popped out of at the Grammy’s earlier this year.

The Grammy’s are old news. We think the egging was in response to the performance. But the real question here is who’s crazier, Gaga or her yolk-pitching monsters. —Aliya Faust

Props → Entertainment Weekly


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