Rocawear Re-Imagines Its Brand And What It Means For Women


Our most recent Vixen Day Out landed us at the Rocawear Style Suite which featured a preview of the brand’s new style! However, among the men’s wear, it left us with one burning question: What does these mean for the new women’s collection? So we tapped Jameel Spencer, CMO of Rocawear, to explain how the company plans to re-imagine the brand. He chats about the new campaign, how our culture isn’t limited to “urban” any longer and who the Rocawear woman truly is.

What is the direction of the new Rocawear campaign?
How we communicate the brand. In the past, you could put an ad with a celebrity in a magazine and reach your customer. Now, we are creating Youtube videos, launching a social networking campaign on Facebook and our own blog, as the direction of the current campaign is a call to action challenging customers to re-imagine the Rocawear brand. We realize Rocawear’s a brand that’s been in existence for 11 years, catering to a customer that thrives on newness; there can be some natural brand fatigue. That said, we feel like we have done an incredible job of evolving the brand and our product as our customer has evolved, and we are challenging people to experience our evolution.

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