Rupert Murdoch Gets Hit With A Pie During Phone-Hacking Scandal Hearing


Media mogul Rupert Murdoch was attacked by a protester’s airborne pie amidst an unyielding hearing today (July 19th). The incident occurred while Murdoch was explaining to British officials that he was not to blame for the phone hacking scandal that has now shaken up News of the World.

BBC’s Nick Robinson was present during the assault, stating that Murdoch was “hit in the face with a plate of what I assume was shaving foam.”

“I think the word ‘greedy’ was shouted out,” he said of the episode. “I have just tried to speak to the man that carried out the assault. He’s currently being held in a corridor just outside the room by police officers. When I asked him what he said and why he’d done it, he said he was now the subject of a police investigation and therefore could not talk to me.”

Hear what else Robinson had to say about his first-hand account of the attack below. —Stephanie Long

Props → BBC News