Ryan Leslie Hosts Draftfcb’s New York-Sponsored Black Music Month Celebration


Last night, (June 30) award winning music producer, songwriter, recording artist and Ryan Leslie was the host of Draftfcb’s New York-sponsored Black Music Month celebration. Leslie shared the secrets to his grassroots success and talked about being the driving force behind “Cassie,” who was one of the early Internet sensations, he told some 200 attendees how MySpace helped him attract a loyal consumer base that has blossomed via additional social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

“I love the Internet because the metrics are very real,” said Leslie, who graduated from Harvard University at the young age of 19 and worked tirelessly to create content to promote his music.

“Tonight is really about diversity and inclusion,” said Draftfcb CEO and President Laurence Boschetto. “We are trying to change things up a little. We are trying to create a unified whole because that should be the natural order of things. Perhaps music and social media are the platforms for our unified collective.”

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