Shaunie O’Neal: “I’m not a big supporter of the drink throwing and fighting”


From Hello Beautiful –  Shaunie O’Neal, producer and creator of Vh1?s “Basketball Wives” , recently wrote a post for and touched on the negative images of black women in reality TV. Interestingly enough, Shaunie is the creator of one of the most popular and most dramatic reality shows to date, which definitely portrays black women in an image that is far from uplifting- considering all the  fighting, throwing drinks and backstabbing each other among other things that women just shouldn’t do (at least while on TV).

Shaunie is being featured on the reality television panel at this year’s Essence Festival and will probably speak on some of these points during the conference.

Check out an excerpt from Shaunie’s statement to below:

“I’ll be honest, I love reality TV.

Actually it’s one of my guilty pleasure past times. Even before “Basketball Wives” I had my favorites, and I watched them faithfully. There is something appealing about seeing people deal with real life drama as you’re watching. Now, as executive producer of “Basketball Wives,” I know that’s not exactly how it happens, but it’s still fun to watch.

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