She’s Gotta Have It: Beauty Bag Must-Haves!


You’re a Vixen, so having a beauty bag tucked away in your purse is not just necessary, it’s law.

Beauty bags come in a variety of cute looks. You can stash yours essential in a small, clear pouch, dress them up in a printed, wristlet that hides in the depth of your bags or tote a diva-style bag! Whichever you want choose, it’s key to carry this little lifesavers. But most importantly, it’s what’s in the bag.

VIBE Vixen has selected six must-haves you should carry with you everywhere you go that will come in handy.

Becca Foundation Stick: This is perfect for easy touch ups on-the-go. It comes in a variety of shades that easily blend to complexions.

Tweezerman Mini Tweezers: The retro-designed tool has spot-on precision that makes eyebrown upkeep easy, especially when you’re in-between waxing or threading appointments. We’re all about the glam, too, so these tweezers won us over in 3 multi-colored versions.

Tweezerman Matchbox Itty Bitty Files: Healthy nails and their maintenance is everything. These 12 nail files are clutch in a broken nail emergency. After the gym or while sitting at the desk, these matchbox-size minis will be your lifesavers!

Boscia Lavendar Blotting Linens: The summertime brings humidty that can have any face melting, even the unmade ones. For the Vixens with extra oily skin, these finely-woven linens are great for blotting to absorb the extra moisture. The are also infused with lavender to balance and calm oily skin. Perfect!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner: These liners come in 15 fantastic colors that can match any outfit. Just in case you forget that you have an after-work soiree to attend, whip out one of these bold colors to make any outfit pop and go!

Urban Decay Lip Junkie: If you’re addicted to a lipgloss with shine and makes your lip feel like pillos, grab these FAST! You will be addicted to the luxe texture and color options. What’s a bright sunny summer without a the perfect lip shade? We wouldn’t even begin to know…

BONUS! A few things our Vixen ladies love…

Jill Marie Jones: “Laura Mercier Pink Champagne is my favorite lipstick and it’s a beautiful nude and it’s always in my bag. I’m kind of like Angelina Jolie in a way, because I really don’t like lip glosses. I like my lips to be matte. Jasmine Oil is typically in my purse. I have my mineralized MAC powder. It’s so amazing, it’s great. I never have a mirror, which is crazy, so hopefully it looks right if my friend is not a hater. [laughs] Normally mirrors don’t fit in my cute little clutch.”

Jennifer Williams: She absolutely has to have her lipgloss, bronzer and mascara!