Should We Call Ourselves “King”?


When did we start calling ourselves king?

As a child, I referred to myself as a Princess, and I looked to my mother as my Queen. My father was King, the head of our household, the ruler. That’s just the way it was, and I was content with that. Over the years, gender roles have changed, and it seems women aren’t feeling the title “Queen” anymore. As women, we can do it all, but does that make us kings?

A couple of weeks ago, there was a lot of chatter on the blogs regarding Beyoncé’s latest single “Best I Never Had”. The artwork released with the single featured Beyoncé looking into a mirror with the words “King B” written in lipstick in her reflection. King B?

Beyonce isn’t the first to start calling herself king. Think back to Nicki Minaj’s video for “Moment for Life” where, in the beginning of the video, it reads, “Once upon a time, there lived a King named Nicki.” Oh, and recall the lyrics in which she raps, “In this very moment I’m king…” King Nicki?

And before Nicki, there was King Va$htie, a woman who has directed, consulted and designed for hip-hop artists for years. When Beyoncé’s cover art was revealed she tweeted, “It’s so entertaining that broads are referring to themselves as “KING…” now. it’s cute.” Vashtie Kola has been calling herself King Va$htie since she was in high school due to her disdain for feminine titles, i.e. “Queen.”

What’s wrong with feminine titles like “Queen”? I always found joy in the thought of meeting my king and me being his queen, just like my mother found in my father. But is that just an old school way of thinking? I wonder how Jay-Z feels about Beyonce’s self-proclaimed title. If she’s a king and he’s a king, then…? By calling ourselves king are we demasculinating the men in our lives or are we merely empowering ourselves?

Vixens — what do you think? Should we start calling ourselves King?