So Clutch! Nneka Saran Talks Up Her Funky Handbags; Loves Rihanna’s Risky Style


What female celeb would you love to gift with a handbag?
My dream person would be Rihanna, all day! She’s such an individual. Like the funkyness of my bags and the things I use, she takes chances. She doesn’t mind rocking this with that; I think she’s the perfect fit for where she is in her career and her personal style. I just love it! I think she would totally fit with the Nneka Saran brand and the bags.

What are some must-haves that you think every girl should have in her bag or her clutch?
Must-have is definitely lip gloss and your phone because you never know. If you don’t have your jewelry on, you need to have that in your bag. I’m all about going out the house with at least something on your ears, so if they aren’t in your ears. have your accessories in your purse ready to put on your ears. IPod. I love my iPod! You pop in some music or listen to some inspirational stuff. Also maybe a pocket bible or something motivational on your iPod, or a booklet that you have that can keep you encouraged.


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