Some “Motivation” For Kelly Rowland


With her third studio album Here I Am dropping on July 26th, we’re hoping Kelly Rowland doesn’t end up like her former and hastily fade into the background before the album even drops. Seeing that Beyoncé has recently dominated the Billboard charts with her latest project 4, can we hope the same for Miss Kelly?

Rowland’s sophomore album, Ms. Kelly, effort was released over four years ago, shooting to the top ten on the charts. People never saw the album coming with many shelved efforts prior. With her playing the supporting role to ‘King B’ for many years, Kelly Rowland has been promoting her brand reminding us that she is just not a second-lead vocalist. Her new album, Here I Am is 10 tracks featuring the Lil Wayne assisted summer anthem “Motivation,” along with her second single “Lay It on Me” featuring Big Sean and the dance floor song “Commander” produced by David Guetta. Having solid singles and critically acclaimed dance tracks isn’t enough for artists to actually sell albums.

In an effort to prevent mediocrity here’s some “motivation” to set Kelly Rowland’s Here I Am on the right course:

  • Don’t You Dare Slow Down – Make sure your new label is marketing your CD everywhere and anywhere. It is important we are all reminded the release date of Here I Am, and not shocked to find out you have new product sitting in the stores. During ‘Bey-season’ it is impossible to walk into a Target without seeing giant cut outs of her photo shoots everywhere touting the release date – take notes. Over-do your marketing strategy since we are nowhere near tired of seeing you. Saturate the market as much as you can through commercials, radios and even interviews. Also, nice job at Essence penning your internal struggles.
  • There Is Life After “Destiny Fulfilled” – Don’t let the media connect your previous roots of Destiny’s Child with the rumors. Recently, it was rumored your former father svengali, Matthew Knowles, announced a reunion album in the works. We’ve heard this rumor plenty of times. You ladies are all in different places right now, no need to rush together to collaborate. Maybe tour… 
  • Date A Producer Or Music Mogul – You have to give girls like Christina Milan, Cassie and Ciara credit because every time they put out an album it’s produced by her current love interest. If they only had some real talent to accompany these funky beats, maybe it would pay off. After hearing some of your snippets from the Here I Am, clearly you have the talent but making a few love connections in between never hurt anyone.
  • Keep Your Influential Friends – Stay out on the social scene. Continue hanging out in the clubs but start a new BFF power core like Kim Kardashian. It’s no doubt you were one of the hottest chicks in Destiny’s Child hence why you’re always featured on style & fashion blogs. With you hosting X-Factor, we’re pretty sure everyone will keep close connections with you. We’ve all seen you have a glowing personality, show us more.

Stepping from behind the shadow of her former group members was the best thing Rowland could have done to not to end up oppressed by the thumb of the industry’s number one soccer dad, Matthew Knowles. And with a successful beginning, stunning video and eye-catching album cover, it’s looking like fate might have a different destiny for this child.


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