Sucio Smash’s Underground Selects Feat. J Rocc, Random Axe, Saigon & More


“Summer summer summer tiiiimeee”… Short skirts, low cut blouses, open toe shoes, Tees, shorts and fresh kicks. I hope you guys are enjoying it. On the music tip there’s a lot of great stuff out. We’ve made sure we worked all the kinks around these parts so you’ll see me here more often, I promise. Lets get right into it (pause!). –Sucio Smash

J Rocc – Some Cold Rock Stuff 
Almost every time you hear an artist say “There’s something for everybody on this album” the album suck. What they’re really saying is “I am trying to sell records so I made sure I did what EVERYBODY is doing at the moment”.
“Some Cold Rock Stuff” is the type of album that really has something for everybody without sounding like it was forced. For 48 minutes J Rocc  displays his range not only as a DJ but as a Producer as well with this collection of music. Everything a music lover would ask for is here, from the laid back sounds of  “Don’t Sell Your Dreams” to the banging “Thru The Tulips”. Collecting records has obviously paid off as the Funky President delivers yet another dope breakbeat with “Play This” and he even takes a stab at a Disco track with “Party”. As a DJ I appreciate where J Rocc is taking the artform and the way he is reppin’ for all of us. 
As you can see it was hard for me to just pick one song to share with you so I figured I let you know the album is dope and you should cop it NOW.

Random Axe – The Hex
While a lot of acts concentrate on making music suitable for America’s Best Dance Crew others make music suitable to punch people in the face. One of those acts is Random Axe and trust me when I say, you might want to stay away from someone listening to The Hex.
Random Axe is a group made of Guilty Simpson Black Milk and Sean Price  and The Hex is the first single off their self-titled debut album (out June 14. The “Hex” sounds just like the subject of their dedication (the song is dedicated to Black and Guilty’s manager and Detroit’s Hip Hop ambassador Hex Murda; arrogant, abrasive, ignorant, hard (pause) and all around unfuckwitable.
Black Milk cooked a beat that combines sampled and live drums with electric guitars (I’m thinking live as well) perfect for the squad to unleash their brand of lyrical ignorance. All MCs excel delivering punchlines and metaphors for days with Sean P shining bright with lines like:“Afro-American gangsta I shank ya/sharp the toothbrush in the gut of a wanksta”…. “pull out the piece and pop a papi/papi wants peace like Mohandas Gandhi (NO)/fuck peace I’m a beast bitch/I pop pellets in a person am a piece of shit, P!”
Ignorance is bliss.
Mazzi- Lady Ideal 
In Hip Hop there are about a million songs that speak on relationships, love and the fairer sex, and 900,000 of those songs were made by LL Cool J and/or Common (jokes and jokes and jokes) so that means that there hasn’t been a good one in a little while. In comes New Jersey’s representative Mazzi.

Over a beautiful track by M-Phazes Mazzi shows us you don’t have to be corny when doing a “love song” spitting clever lines like: “Magnetized both by the negative & positive/Positive, we’re never competitive, you’re comfortable/I don’t know what the cause-be, I’m not a Huxtable”
Pick up Mazzi’s latest project The Inspection hosted by Statik Selektah here for FREE.

Saigon –  The Greatest Story Never Told
The first time I saw this video online I was like “meh it’s ok”, then the other night I was watching Video Music Box and it hit me. This sh*t is DOPE! I think the fact that we get hit with so much content so fast doesn’t gives us the headspace to enjoy music the way it should be enjoyed.
First of all my fellow ‘LO Head Just Blaze murked this beat, the chops and the horns got me. Hey brother can we get EM to rhyme over this type of joints? You’ll immediately become a legend if you pull that of. When it comes to the MCing on this track what we get is a top notch performance by Saigon. 
Keep this in mind, this was meant to be Saigon’s major label debut. It takes a lot of cojones to spit lines like: “Them white people look at you and laugh / You look like a porch monkey boy dancin for cash / Wanna get on a record and talk trash / See him at the awards and don’t do shit but walk past / And that, that’s somethin we call CRASH / Coward Rappers Actin So Hard, when they really just all ass”. He managed to drop them jewels by killing it with the flow and not coming across as a self-indulgent douche.

A lot f rappers are proud of how ignorant they are and it’s really refreshing to hear an MC that’s proud to be aware. 
Go pick up The Greatest Story Never Told out now.

Ransom Badbonez – Knock Knock
Our last track comes from one of the original Evil Empires (UK). I’ve been sitting on this joint for a while and finally got to share it with all of you. You see, the UK is not all about Dizzie Rascal and that terrible sounding Dub Step crap (for real what the hell is that?!), they actually have a pretty impressive Hip Hop scene, and one of the youngest and on point artists there is Ransom Badbonez. Pretty much everything I’ve heard from this kid is fresh.
Knock Knock is some more “Punch You In Your Face Music”© and it picks up where MF DOOM and MF GRIMM left off as far as the slow/fast flows and beats. Over a track that would make Showbiz and Premier proud, Badbonez spits lines like “fuck picking the locks I come to rip the hinges off/grab your pistols and you got strangled with the kitchen cloth”. Yup! It’s that kind of tune. 

You can pick this song and more HERE.