Teedra Moses Reconfirms Why Fans Love Her On ‘Luxurious Undergrind’


The sultry “Jazz Intro” of Teedra Moses’ latest mixtape Luxurious Undergrind explains why her core fanbase has held on so long for her re-arrival. It hasn’t been long since her last musical effort Royal Patience, but fans have been craving her intensely for some time. She’s the first lady of Maybach Music Group and once that official drop (you know the one with some girl’s sexy voice and champagne flutes clinks) opens up the first full track, it’s a wrap.

She did not disappoint. The lioness takes us on a familiar ride of wanting love, leaving her cheating counterpart, falling in love and being confused along the way, remaning in that signature vocal range and melody fans know all too well. Standout tracks like “To Hell With It,” “Another Luvr” and “The One” are reminiscent of her first commercial offering Complex Simplicity (which still bumps in the Vixen Boombox) while others simply lay the theme of project–slow and easy–a bit of a change from Royal. Another reason why we love our dear Vixen? She’s sophisticated and sexy, classy and able to smoothly sass a guy on any record (listen carefully).

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