Teenager Who Threw A Party After Killing His Parents Partly Blames Rap Music


The best friend of Tyler Hadley, the Florida teenager who killed his parents, spoke out about that horrific Sunday night (July 17) when Mr. and Mrs. Hadley were beat to death with a 22-inch framing hammer. 

Long time friend Michael Mandell said 17-year-old Hadley confessed everything to him. Hadley believed that the devil possessed him that night. It could have been a hallucination, as Hadley admitted to taking ecstasy pills. But aside from those propellers, Mandell said Hadley blamed the deaths on his family’s financial problems and arguments with his parents.  He says rap music supposedly influenced the violent behavior.  

In 2011 where Hip Hop artists rap about money, clothes and girls, people still find a reason to point the finger to the music *insert blank face*. At some point, America needs to start taking the blame for their own actions. Those types of issues are home-grown. Nonetheless, RIP.  –Aliya Faust