The 6 Best Songs From Beyonce’s “4″ Album That Make You Want To… [PART I]


From Hello Beautiful — Everyone has that one song or certain artist that they play when they’re engaged in x, y, z activity. If you’re anything like me, you’re a car performer. You’re the person that, when you stop at a red light, all the person in the car next to you sees is you with your eyes closed tight, mouthing the words into your air microphone. Check out the 6 best songs from Beyonce’s “4″ album to ____ to.

Track 1: 1 + 1. Totally the song that makes you want to just hop in the car with your guy and go for a ride. No words, just press play on the CD and ride out into the night. So romantic. “Make love to me-ee-ee…..” Yeah, you get the point.

Track 2: I Care. This joint has such a “woman scorned” feel to it, yet it’s also so powerful that it makes you feel like you’re the one who’s been blessed with the voice of an angelic powerhouse. You feel you can belt out the words to this song with the best of em’. But then you realize you really sound like a wailing puppy getting it’s tail shortened. So you do the next best thing, and that is shower sing. This song makes for one of the best shower concerts ever. Don’t believe me? Just try it.

Track 4: Best Thing I Never Had. This is one of those songs you start your day to. Wake up in the morning, stretch and on the way to shower, brushing your teeth, and getting dressed, you head over to your iPod dock (assuming you’re up with the times, haha) and blast this song through the speakers. The instrumentals in this song are so crazy – so much bass! The lyrics make you feel like you’re just ready to take on the world, after realizing you’re the best thing he’ll never have.


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