The BIG List: Cunnilingus Flow! 50 Tongue-Twisting Lyrics From Male MCs (All Pun)


Once upon a time in a very prude land, male rappers (and dudes in general) found it emasculating to publicly admit to enjoying the wet and wild world of cunnlingus. But then somewhere between 2006’s “This Is What I Call Her” and 2008’s “Pussy Monster”, the ever-so-cunning Weezy F. Baby made boy-eats-girl practices more of a sport than a force feeding and rappers from the south and up ditched their insecurities about oral reciprocation and (omg!) even began confesseing their fondness for lip action on wax.

Which brings us to 2011. Nowadays it seems as if rappers have an insatiable appetite for going downtown and because VIBE Vixen has no problems with that we decided to call out our favorite hot spitters for their great spit game. You’ll find some oldschool gems, a few impartial participants, six wayne standouts and some newcomers who aren’t afraid to think inside the box. Keep the flows coming! —Niki McGloster

Peep the entire list here!