The Case Of The Ex: Amy Winehouse’s Love Rollercoaster With Blake Fielder-Civil


A tortured soul addicted to self-harm and angst is an easy way to describe Amy Winehouse. But simultaneously, she was able to show us intimate parts of herself through soulful jazz vocals and vulnerable lyrics of battle, whether in life or love. It’s no secret that the 27-year-old’s relationship with drugs was a tumultuous one, but her addiction to Blake Fielder-Civil, at times, posed the most danger.

The two wed in 2007 and began an unhealthy spiral where the bloke introduced her to cocaine, heroine and cutting. Quite evidently placed, his name was tattooed over her heart and she was indeed permanently connected to him far beyond the ink. Once her family’s overwhelming concerns and forced rehab stints by her record label failed to do any good, they were finally left alone to “love.”

Hope for the soul princess’ return only came with Fielder-Civil’s imprisonment in 2008.

During that time, the outrageously-styled, beehive-wearing starlet’s pictures were smeared across front pages as a lifeless, rail-thin angered spirit who immediately and openly displayed a flippant attitude.

The 2008 Rolling Stone cover story states:

“Winehouse has insisted from the beginning of her career that she is a simple girl crazy in love with her man. Her life, her history and talent all seem barely worth talking about when one could talk about Blake, how fit he is, how perfect for each other they are. “We are so in love, we are a team,” she rhapsodizes to me. “Blake, Blake, Blake, Blake, Blake, Blake, Blake.” It’s as if she’s putting herself in a trance.”

“With her husband gone, Winehouse slid into a despondent place. She canceled her tour at the end of 2007, saying, “I can’t give it my all onstage without my Blake.”
To be honest, my husband’s away, I’m bored, I’m young,” Winehouse tells me. “I felt like there was nothing to live for. It’s just been a low ebb.”

After several years of wrecked mental state, Amy was awaken from her so-called, but very real addiction and filed a divorce from “her Blake.” Her wish was granted in August of 2009 by the courts, but the hopes to see a healthy Amy sans Blake were short-lived. After a hint of blossoming love with a new boyfriend, she boarded the Blake rollercoaster again telling Britain’s Now magazine:

“I still love Blake and I want him to move into my new house with me — that was my plan all along. I won’t let him divorce me. He’s the male version of me and we’re perfect for each other.”

Upon hearing the news this morning that the 27-year-old singer was found dead in her apartment, you’re forced to take a look at how the love for her number one guy posed a threat to the talent we, unsuccessfully, tried to hold on to. Although the tortures of such a relationship gave us the highly acclaimed and celebrated album Back To Black, it’s sad to know that she believed her lot in life was this form of love.

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