The Highlights! Serena’s Bodacious Booty Should Win An ESPY


Every day a star is born, and out of all the red carpet strolls and big winners of the evening, Serena Williams’ booty should have taken home an ESPY! The extraordinary, buxom athlete walked away from the podium with Best Female Tennis Player and a few snapshots of her plump tush. Can the blame the men for oogling? The moment she stepped on the stage in that plunging, hot pink dress partnered with sky high, peep toe Louboutins, Twitter erupted into a frenzy of frequently updated tweets about Serena’s hindparts and stacked body.

[Note: Honorary mention goes to the cleavage that gave real meaning to the term “boob tube.”]

Even now, after the night’s hoopla has died down, her butt is still gaining trending topic attention. The Williams sister recently made it very clear with People that she knows her butt gets all rave reviews. I mean, come on, she has garnered loads off gazes over the years, but here at Vixen, we’re screaming, “Do you, girl!”

Praising the curves of a beautiful Black woman is welcomed. Just don’t forget to keep it classy, fellas!

Here’s a back view of Serena’s appearance last night: