The Power of Kim Kardashian


Her coochie must be gold.

The second oldest sister of the Kardashian clan finally got her fairytale ending when NJ Nets player Kris Humphries proposed to her last month. But snagging the right beau to walk down the aisle with has been a challenge Kim has willingly taken on as a “hopeless romantic.”

Is anyone surprised Kim is actually wife material with such a colorful past? Let’s take a look shall we.

Before Kim was thee Kim Kardashian she was a 19-year-old teenager married to music producer Damon Thomas. After giving the marriage a go for three whole years, the couple divorced. Prior to her friendship with former bff Paris Hilton, little was known of her except that her father was a big shot attorney for OJ Simpson. In 2007 a sex tape- rumored to be intentional- was released with ex-boyfriend Brandy’s little brother Ray J. Kim files a lawsuit against Vivid Entertainment for ownership rights, but later drops the suit opting for a settlement instead. And a star is born.

The premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and her blossoming new romance with New Orleans Saints football player, Reggie Bush, made 2007 a great year for the new star. Off and on and off again the couple dated until early 2010 before calling it quits. For good. Once Bush was out of the picture she dated Gabriel Aubry, Miles Austin and Cristiano Ronaldo in search of love that she eventually found with Humphries.

KK managed to get a man, not just an ordinary man but a wealthy one, to wife her despite her lackluster sex tape all over the worldwide web.

I’m no hater. Just curious as to her method. If she were a Black woman she wouldn’t be afforded the luxury of having what some might call a sketchy past without being ridiculed, let alone be able to find ballers to date or marry. But that’s neither here nor there.

Kim is no doubt a beautiful woman. Her personality is about as boring as a paper clip, but she seems nice nonetheless. But wife material? To a baller?

Men’s egos are a beast. I don’t know one man who would be able to be in a relationship, definitely not marry, a woman who their boys have most likely seen sexing another man on tape. Lots of men hold onto this Virgin Mary perception of their woman because it’s just better for their ego that way. Yet somehow Kim has managed to get a man to look past it all.
Is her beauty so mesmerizing that it trumps her sexual past? Perhaps her heart is so kind one cannot help but to fall in love with her. Or maybe she cooks a mean spaghetti and meatballs.

I’m certain it’s her p*ssy. Chick is riding the D like no other. Kris, 26, has never had an ass like that. Kim, 30, with her experience jumping from baller to baller, has had eons of practice perfecting pro moves. And her head game has to be something serious.

Whatever it is, it’s working for her, majorly. Her subpar performance four years ago in the now infamous sex tape has led to a whopping $65 million for her entire family. She continued to work that cooch like no other until one finally put a ring on it. Critics can argue all day about her lack of talent. But the power of her p*ssy cannot be denied.

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