Tika Sumpter Gets Cozy With Jason Derulo For “It Girl” [PHOTOS]


Tika Sumpter is a socialite and fashionable “it” girl, so why wouldn’t Jason Derulo enlist her for his latest video? The “It Girl” singer decided to bring our fave chocolate girl along for the ride, and the set was steaming with chemistry. He explains to MTV:

“An ‘It’ girl to me is someone who is selfless, someone who’s always thinking about others before she thinks about herself. You know, my mom is a very charitable woman, so I’d want someone who is in line with that kind of thought process. I also like a girl who’s polite. I feel like that’s a lost art, and just saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ goes a very long way with me. That’s just so lost these days. So, ladies, it’s OK to say ‘thank you.’ ”

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