Top Male R&B Artists


Who are the hottest male R&B artists out right now? Who’s on the top of the billboard charts making hit after hit? Better yet, which R&B crooners have all of the ladies falling to their knees? We took the question to FaceBook and Twitter, asking all of our female followers who they felt were the hottest male artists in R&B music right now based on vocals, swagger, appeal and relevancy. The answers varied, but 5 men came up on top. So here it is, our top 5 male R&B singers.

#5 Jeremih and Lloyd (tie): One started singing about “Birthday Sex” and has found himself making hits with rapper 50 Cent. The other is a “Southside” singer who has landed on top with singles like “Lay It Down” and “Cupid”. They may be completely different R&B artists, but their influence in the genre continues to grow. There is no surprise that both Jeremih and LLoyd take the number 5 spot.

#4 Drake: We were a little shocked to find Drake ranked so high in R&B among the ladies. While he may be categorized as a Hip-Hop and Rap artist, there is no secret he can sing a bad hook on a record. As a matter of fact, his sexy and smooth vocals are responsible for a lot of hit songs, i.e. “I’m On One”. We’re sure his highly anticipated sophomore album will feature his laid back vocals as well.

3# Miguel: Relatively new to the R&B scene, Miguel, who released his freshman album in November 2010, All I Want is You, is taking over R&B. His single “Sure Thing” is a sure hit and we love him because of it. Not to mention, songs like “Be My Vixen” and “Quickie” are heavily requested.

#2 Trey Songz: What can we say about a man who “Invented Sex” and always gives more than the usual? Trey Songz is it! His vocals and sex appeal are contagious and we aint mad at him. He’s responsible for club bangers and sultry after-dark tunes. There’s no stopping this dude, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next from him.

#1 Chris Brown: Whether you hate him or love him, there is no denying that Chris Breezy is killing the game right now. With recent hits like “Look At Me Now” and “She Aint You” there is no surprise that he came out on top. Not to mention the songs he’s featured on, i.e. Big Sean’s “My Last” and Keri Hilson’s “One Night Stand”, all of which are on heavy radio rotation. Chris Brown is a talent to behold. His performances are always epic, and his style and swag are right. Now, we know there’s still a lot of controversy surrounding Chris, but this list is about the music, so we’re going to leave it at that.

R&B Contenders:
Frank Ocean: Frank Ocean ranked high in the polls, but only has one single on the charts with no album out. Maybe next time.

Jamie Foxx: Grammy award winner and chart topper, Jamie Foxx, didn’t quite make it on this list, mainly because we’re tired of the auto-tune. Sorry, Jamie.

Usher: Usher will always be one of our favorite male R&B artists, but it seems respondents consider him a dance/pop artist as of late. No hate, we know that’s where the money’s at.

Ne-Yo: We love Ne-yo. He’s one of the most influential songwriters, hands down. However, according to some of the poll respondents, he “fell off”.

Who didn’t make it to the list that should have? Who are your top male R&B artists out right now?

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