Trey Songz Slated For Lead Role In Upcoming ‘Texas Chainsaw’ Film


The producers of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D are hoping to not only revive the film’s franchise, but also to shine light on a crop of fresh-faced actors, including that of Trey Songz.

The R&B singer well-known for “inventing sex” is bringing his other talents to the forefront and has recently signed on to a part in the upcoming horror flick. He will be filling the shoes of a lead role as actress Alexandra Daddario’s love interest, allowing him to be “physical, romantic and heroic,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. Shooting for the film will begin towards the end of this month in Shreveport, Louisiana.

If you ask us, Trey’s acting debut couldn’t have come at a better time. His new album is slated to hit music shelves this fall.

As far as when we’ll have a chance to catch him on the big screen, the female population  will be able to swoon in unison later this year on October 5th, which is when the Millennium/Nu Image film will be released to the masses on behalf of Lionsgate. Ladies, mark your calendars. —Stephanie Long


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