Tyler, The Creator Releases ‘Summer Camp’ Mixtape (Various Artists)


While American’s were partying it up in the states for the 4th of July holiday, Odd Future ringleader Tyler, The Creator put together a Summertime mixtape while overseas on tour in Europe. Showing that he still is very much a kid, the youngster took to Twitter a while ago to share how bummed he was that he was going to miss celebreating the nation’s indepence day in the states, so perhaps this mix helped breeze over the day. Also, hopefully he’s healing up pretty good because that bad crowd dive has the radical rapper looking like Degrassi’s wheelchair Jimmy right about now.

Download: Tyler, the Creator’s “Summer Camp Mix”

Anyways, the mix wouldn’t be a Tyler, The Creator, or should I say “DJ Stank Daddy” without verbal insults in the intro. You find a wide range of genres that appear to influence the rapper/producer. Of course, you find majority to be The Neptunes production or N.E.R.D., along with some tints of soul acts like Erykah Badu (“Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long”), Beyonce (“Party” featuring Kanye West and Andre 3000), Jill Scott (“A Long Walk”) and funky throwbacks such as Tupac and even The Gap Band.—Shabazz