V Blogs: Peter Thomas Breaks Down His Battery Charge, Acquittal

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Peter Thomas was recently acquitted of a battery charge. A female employee accused Thomas of pushing her during an altercation at his Uptown Restaurant and Lounge, which is now closed.

He faced a year in prison had he been convicted but he won and he gave VIBE his side of the story. As Told To Starrene Rhett


On April 27, 2008, four months after I opened Uptown Restaurant and Lounge, we had an employee at around 1:30 at night that was in the employee closet, which was off limits to employees until they finished their shift. That was for the fact that everyone in the store kept their purses in the closet. Most of them put their stuff in lockers with no lock so we don’t allow anybody to go back in there, especially cocktail servers because that they walk around with money all night long and we don’t want them to play any games. So at around 1:30 in the morning, I was in the kitchen, closing the kitchen down and a young lady came in there. She was in the closet for about eight minutes and the closet door was closed. I was in there around the same amount of time and noticed the closest door opening [when she came out]. So when I asked her what she was doing in there she said she was checking her messages. We had about 800 people in the club that night. It was hot! Her shift that she was supposed to be working was in the VIP area so it made no sense to me that she would be in the closet. And when I asked her, she kind of stuttered. I’m a street dude and I can pick up on things real quick so I’m like this girl is lying. So at that point I told her to get out. I didn’t feel like dealing with no BS at that point. I really don’t talk to my cocktail girls because them girls down here, if you’re a little bit too nice to them and all of a sudden they want to go tell people that you came on to them and stuff like that so I have a policy that I don’t even talk to them. I had this policy way before this incident because I’ve been doing nightclubs since 1986 and that was the 9th venue for me since then.

I didn’t even know her name at the time but she was all, “Fuck you motherfucker!” I’m like, “You’re a fucking loser, you need to get the fuck out the only reason you were in the closet at that time while everyone out there was hustling is because you’re a fucking thief!” And I called her several names as she was leaving.

As she was leaving I noticed she kept the black thing that holds the customer’s cards in her hand. And I didn’t know if a customer’s card was still in it or if she had cash from a customer so I told her, You can’t leave with that, that’s Uptown property, that’s my property.” So she’s like, “Fuck you nigga!” She’s one of them big mouth street girls. One of my managers hired her. I don’t hire anybody but the managers. So I’m going toward her to make sure she don’t leave the property because I don’t want to spend two hours explaining to a customer what happened to their credit card or their cash. So I’m saying, “If you leave I’m calling the police, you’re a thief! She turned around and I went to snatch it from her and I missed and she turned around and threw it at me and she didn’t realize the floor was freshly mopped, so her body weight threw her ass to the floor. She actually busted her ass and I said that to the judge. She jumped up out of embarrassment and starts throwing plates off the rack, going at me and I’m dodging the plates and one of the head cocktail girls ran out to get the security, and while she went to the front door, the new security that works that back door heard her throwing the plates so he came to the kitchen and ran in there between her and I and then another security guard came in and they used their body to block her. And I’m like, “Get her the fuck out of here!”

Half-an-hour later, the police came and I told them I didn’t want her back on the yard but they take me back to the side door and said the girl was in their car and said that I pushed her and it was her word against mine. In most states across the country, if a female says that you put your hands on her the police immediately have to arrest you. I spent 17 hours at this very disgusting jail here in Atlanta and eight months later they send the request to go to court to my condo but I was no longer living there so it’s non transferable. I got pulled over for a tag being one day expired and I went to jail the second time for 17 hours because there was a bench warrant for my arrest that I knew nothing about. Three years later we have our day in court on the 20th of June. And the security guard that took her outside and the head cocktail girl that was in the kitchen all testified. The judge heard both sides and decided that what the girl was saying just didn’t add up and she found me completely not guilty because the district attorney just didn’t have a case. And when I walked out of there channel 2 was outside so I dodged through the side door and the next thing I know blogs are saying I’m going to jail for a year because I assaulted an employee. She was trying to build a case so that if I got convicted of it then she could have sued me. She’s a club chick. I seen her out once in the club and I left the premises immediately because I didn’t even want her to come to my direction to talk to me. But that’s basically it. I’m on the number on show we’re taping until August and I plan to open Bar One, an upscale version of the whiskey bar, which will become a chain across prominent cities in the next five years.

Real Housewives of Atlanta returns to Bravo on October 9.