V Exclusive: DMX’s Alleged Fiancée Yadira Borrego Opens Up About Their Relationship: ‘I’m Not A Liar’

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A few weeks ago VIBE was granted an exclusive jail house interview with DMX, the rapper spoke out his thoughts as if he was writing in a diary. No holds bar, the incarcerated rapper dropped some interesting news, talking it up on various issues, including a statement that he was not engaged to his reported fiancée, model Yadira Borrego. Confused like us, she learned that their relationship was no more while also being dissed in the process. Yadira finally gives her side of the story, giving the true roots of this love affair. She also speaks on his jealousy issues, reality show, and more. Shabazz



VIBE: You say you are DMX’s fiancée, but DMX says otherwise. What’s going on?

Yadira Borrego: Me and X have been together for a total of seven years. Last year in July I left because me and him had to take a break. He texted me, ‘I’m going away for 30 days and I want to see you and my kids.’ I was gone from July to November, so I came back November 16th and November 18th he went to jail. That’s when he went to prison. So I stayed here in Phoenix, I was holding the house down and his stuff, his cars, his dogs, everything. In the process of us talking we had a lot of issues, because X was dealing with a lot of women and we just really had to take a break. 

So in the time that we were gone, he did his thing and I did my thing.  I was gone to Miami and then we were talking about working our relationship out. By the time I was here, little by little I found out that he had a baby while I was gone, and it was multiple women that were out here. That really hurt me a lot. We had a lot of problems but we said we would work it out. It was negative the way the whole thing came out, my family, my friends called me and said ‘what’s going on?’ But me knowing him and we’ve been together for so long, nobody understands our relationship and what we talk about and how we express things to each other. This isn’t getting back at him, it’s not even like, this is to put out there it wasn’t even like a diss. Because when he gets out of prison this is home, so the way everything go out there was crazy.

The reason why I decided to speak was not to get back at him. He was speaking about what was going with himself right now.  He said it to someone and people don’t understand what’s between me and him. All I can say is wait and see and see how everything goes. I’m not a liar, I don’t have to make something up. X knows what is and I know what it is and as long as we both know what it is I don’t care what anybody gotta say. This is home, his clothes are here, this is where he’s coming when he gets out prison. People will see in the near future.

Do you think he was making those remarks and comments because he was still upset? 

To be honest, Earl is very jealous like any typical man. I did go out a few times with a few friends. He’s the kind of guy that won’t let you talk to nobody. I have a lot of friends, not because I approach a guy, or a guy approaches me. It’s not only ‘let’s hookup, let’s do this and that.’ I’m a model, so a lot of people approach me, if they’re a photographer or they have a clothing line. So I do talk to a lot people, whether they’re a female or a male. Like when people see you talking to talking to people they automatically think things. A lot of people need to mind their business, but that’s another thing in our relationship. We have so many people in between us that it makes it hard for our relationship to progress. So it’s a very difficult thing.

Let’s rewind on the situation. How did you guys meet? When did you all first start dating?

When we met I was 19 years old. His daughter, from his first wife, was 10 days old. I remember, because when I first met him, he told me ‘my baby is ten days old today.’ The little girl is six years old now. I met him in Miami at a club called Cameo.

What was it about X that made you talk to him?

What really attracted me to X was his whole demeanor. He’s a beautiful person, the way he thinks, the way he talks. It’s so different from the person you meet, to the person that they describe on TV or all the negative things they say about him. He’s like the simplest man, so caring and he’s always really caught my eye and my attention. We just clicked so well and we just took this all ride all this time. I was there when he was still with Def Jam and I was there when everything just went down the drain and I’ve always been by his side, because I never really cared about “DMX,” I care about Earl that I met that night. It was so incredible.

Aside from X saying you aren’t his fiancée, he also implied that you don’t hold him down. What are your thoughts on that?

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