V Exclusive: DMX’s Alleged Fiancée Yadira Borrego Opens Up About Their Relationship: ‘I’m Not A Liar’


From Vibe – A few weeks ago VIBE was granted an exclusive jail house interview with DMX, the rapper spoke out his thoughts as if he was writing in a diary. No holds bar, the incarcerated rapper dropped some interesting news, talking it up on various issues, including a statement that he was not engaged to his reported fiancée, model Yadira Borrego. Confused like us, she learned that their relationship was no more while also being dissed in the process. Yadira finally gives her side of the story, giving the true roots of this love affair. She also speaks on his jealousy issues, reality show, and more.

VIBE: You say you are DMX’s fiancée, but DMX says otherwise. What’s going on?
Yadira Borrego: Me and X have been together for a total of seven years. Last year in July I left because me and him had to take a break. He texted me, ‘I’m going away for 30 days and I want to see you and my kids.’ I was gone from July to November, so I came back November 16th and November 18th he went to jail. That’s when he went to prison. So I stayed here in Phoenix, I was holding the house down and his stuff, his cars, his dogs, everything. In the process of us talking we had a lot of issues, because X was dealing with a lot of women and we just really had to take a break.

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