V Exclusive: DMX’s Alleged Fiancée Yadira Borrego Stands By Her Man; Opens Up About Their Relationship [PG.2]


Aside from him saying you aren’t his fiancée, he also implied that you don’t hold him down. What are your thoughts on that?

It was so crazy, because the time that he was in prison, I couldn’t get to him, because out here I don’t have a vehicle. Because I didn’t live out here in Phoenix, I had left in July. He was three hours away, so I came to see him with the baby once and it makes it very difficult because you just can’t ask anybody to drive you somewhere for three hours. So I missed two of his visits. He didn’t leave me sitting on thousands and thousands of dollars. It really bothered him because I went out a few times. I don’t know why he put it out like that, because he should’ve known better than that. I don’t understand why you would make those remarks. 

You have two children by him, do the kids know where daddy is at?

Our little boy is one-and-a- half so he doesn’t really know much and our little girl is two-and-a- half . When we went to see her daddy, I don’t say anything like “Daddy’s in jail,” because they’re too young to understand that. When he calls the house they talk on the phone. We just try to play it out a little bit for them.

With the jealousy issues, you’re probably not surprised he’s saying he’s single and on the on market.

It was so much damage done to the relationship. He told me on the phone “When I get out of prison I’m going to marry you, we’ve been through so much,” and we really have been through so much. Nobody really knows that story and he’s knows what we’ve been through. He talks out of anger so much and he’s still holding that against me that I went out a few times. But he knows that we are talking about working stuff out, because he even said in the interview, “I’m not saying it’s not going to work.” When he gets out of prison he knows that he’s coming home, this is home. It just bothers him a lot. When your man is in jail it’s difficult for him to understand why I’m in the club and he has no control over what I’m doing, who I’m talking to, where I’m going. So it’s difficult.

While he was out, were there any incidents when his jealous issues went extreme?

No because when he’s out, everything we did, we did it together. I never went my way or when he would go somewhere with his friends or he was on tour I would just stay home with the kids. But, when he was out I do the clubs or none of that. I just stay home with the kids and we just do family stuff.

With all this going on, where do you stand? Are you upset with him or do you still want to be with him?

It’s not about me being upset. It’s a lot of work to do in the relationship. Just like he said, “He’s going to try,” and I’m going to give it another try. A lot of stuff happened and a lot of damage was done to the relationship. It’s a lot of stuff that people won’t even understand. Me and him know exactly what it is. I’m not upset, because a lot of stuff happened while I was gone. I asked him, “How did you have a baby on me?” He said it was my fault, because I left. People won’t understand the story behind this. Even when I fight and I leave to Miami, I’ll be right back because he’ll call me and that’s the kind relationship we have and nobody understands that.

When was the last time you spoke to him prior to that VIBE interview happening? 

A few days before the interview. He said he can’t wait to come home, he can’t wait to see the kids, he can’t wait to go to the studio. All of the above.

How do you feel about his upcoming reality show about his six baby mothers and 10 kids?

That reality TV show that he is planning to do about the kids and the baby mothers, for any woman that is a very hard thing to deal with, other mother’s and their kids and stuff. He really wants to have something nice, where he wants all his kids to meet each other. His whole plan that he’s trying to do, I don’t have any problem with it. I’m always going to stick by his side. I know what me and him have and he also knows that too. His whole thing is he wants to bring his kids together. It’s not about one baby mama, it’s not about none of us. I’m going to count myself in that too. It’s about the relationship he wants to build with his kids and him getting back on his feet.

Have you met any of the other baby mothers, especially with him saying he’s single and the reality show? Do you know any of them?

I have met two. His first wife and this girl that has the little boy from Buffalo, but I don’t have relationships with any of the kids mothers. The only person that I’ve talked to in person and exchanged a few words was his first wife. The rest of baby mamas I don’t know them. There is no communication at all.

How was the conversation with the first wife? 

She is a very respectful lady, she’s very mature, the way we both handled ourselves, seeing each other for the first time. It was at the courthouse when Earl was sentenced to 90 days (July 2010), me and her were at the courtroom together. It was such an awkward moment, it was actually that was the first time face to face with each other.   She was very mature about the whole situation, I was too and we talked sometimes on the phone, it was mainly about “tell X to call me” or “the kids want to talk to him,” stuff like that.

DMX received a letter from Maybach Music. You said you spoke to him a few days before the first interview, do you know how authentic that letter was?

I have no idea about that. He said he received a letter from that camp and that was it. We didn’t discuss anything about that.

With him being a rapper and him having a good profile when he was out and relevant on Def Jam, how do you feel about him making a comeback?

I think he definitely can do that. The passion that he has for his music and his fans. He would definitely make a great comeback. I know he can do it and that’s what he keeps talking about, getting it done when he gets out of prison and I know that he’s going to get it. 

Being his fiancée, is there anything that you plan to do to keep him out of jail? 

Well, Earl has been through so much the past few years with this whole law thing and how it’s happened in Arizona. Now that he’s going to be off probation he can finally breathe and he can really concentrate in his career. When he was on probation he couldn’t travel like he really wanted to. He feels like he missed so much with the kids too. I really hope and pray that everything will go good, because he really deserves that. It’s time for him to really get a break and live how he knows he wants to live.

At the end of it all, would you say were a good fiancée, despite what he said?

I think I am a great — not just fiancée — but a great person. I’ve been there since we met and so much has happened and he knows that I have never left no matter what has went done. He’s knows I’m that kind of chick, that’s why I’m still around. I don’t think I’m going anywhere, because he knows how I get down, especially when it comes to him. Whether we’re together or not together or I’m with somebody else or he’s with somebody else, we both know what it is.

Any special plans when he comes out?

I just want to help him get focused and not stress up on anything. I want him to get back to work with fresh head. We want to go to church on Sundays and have a lot of activities with the kids. He’s going to be in the studio a lot and working on his album. 

Aside from just being known as DMX’s fiancée, I understand you have your own stuff going on. Tell us about your modeling career?

I have my own modeling agency and then I’m working on my bathing suit line. So I have a lot of stuff going on, especially my bathing suit line.

Is there a date we can expect the bathing suit line to drop?

I’ve done three fashion shows with my line. I have to get into it a little more and make it happen. As of right now, I don’t have release date. I have to really get it together and keep pushing it. Look out for it!