V Exclusive: G-Unit’s Kidd Kidd Speaks On Weezy Calling Him A Bitch, Linking With 50 & More

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You may not have heard from New Orleans rapper Kidd Kidd yet, but he isn’t new to the block. Once affiliated with Lil Wayne’s Young Money militia, the southern MC is now prepped to team up with another rap collective ready to get back on their grind: 50 Cent’s G-Unit. And nothing’s going to stop that, not even a near-death shooting that almost took his life last month. But we’ll let him tell that story. —Keenan Higgins


 New Orleans can be a rough environment to get past, how’d you steer yourself into the rap game?
Yeah man, coming up in the rap game in New Orleans is hard. We don’t have a lot of big businesses down there as far as Universal and Def Jam and Interscope—none of that is down there in New Orleans. So in order to make it out of New Orleans, you gotta get out of New Orleans. I was blessed and fortunate enough to make those moves. I got put in the right spot at the right time.

In June crazy news broke that you were shot six times. How are you doing in recovery mode now?
Yeah man. I’m good right now. I’m recovering good. I can’t move as fast as I want to right now, but I’m recovering real good. Everything still working [laughs].

How did that incident impact your music and overall perspective on the industry?
Well if you really listen to my music, that’s my life. That’s all I rap about. I rap about street music; gangsta music. This happening to me is just—for me, it’s not really a big deal. But to the music world, the music industry, they gonna be like ‘Oh you got shot. Another rapper got shot’ and this and that, but in New Orleans, anybody can get it. Especially if you living in that life. If you living that life, you gotta expect things to happen to you. But with that happening to me, and me still being here, it really lets me know that I’m here for a reason. I’m not out here doing it for nothing. I got a calling to do this.

Did you beef up security or change anything for increased safety? 
Oh nah man, nothing changed! I’m still the same nigga chilin with the same wild niggas I been with. Only thing that changed is more guns and bigger clips. We making smaller moves, but still tryna do bigger things. Because the city’s so small, you can get caught up in that little shit. But I’m out of the city right now. I’m coming from Morocco man—Casabalanca. I thought Casablanca was just a movie! [Laughs] That’s a hell of a feeling. I’m far from the hood right now.

That’s real man. So how’d you link with 50 and G-Unit?

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