V Exclusive: Shawty Lo Opens Up Signing To G-Unit, His Love Life And Turning To Rap After Over 20 Arrests


Carlos “Shawty Lo Walker didn’t completely fall off the hip-hop radar–and his extensive list of mixtapes prove the streets still love him. But it’s true he hasn’t been in the bull’s eye of the spotlight in a long while, until now. VIBE recently pinpointed the rapper at his new G-Unit headquarters, where he seems to be settling in quite well. It hasn’t been long since Shawty Lo inked a 50/50 deal with the famed record label, but watching him walk into the office, you wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference.

A boss of sorts, the L.O. carries himself with a type of cultivated regality that might confuse him with G-Unit founder 50 Cent, himself. But, according to the ‘Bankhead Forever’ rapper, he deserved and acquired a seat beside the captain of this ship. In a sit down with VIBE.com, the “boss” of the ATL talks about being the “Talk of The Town” in G-Unit, the seven-hour meeting that lead to his signing, his relationship with ex-fiancée, Eceria Perez, and why he always will be Down For Life. – Tyler McDermott


VIBE: How have you been?

Shawty Lo: Great! (Smiles)

It’s been about 5 years or so since you’ve impacted the rap game with D4L as well as solo artist, how have you been keeping the Shawty Lo name alive since then?

Not quite 5 years, it’s actually been about 3 years, because 2008 was when I won my last BET Award, 2007 was a really big year and 2008 the album came out.

Right, because I remember when “Dey Know” came out and that was the hottest track in the streets. But, how have you been keeping your name alive since then?

Basically, with mixtapes, I’ve just been putting out mixtape after mixtape, and working. I just had a label situation, where I had problems, I don’t really want to talk about it, it’s all good, but, now I’m in a new situation, a big deal with 50 Cent, D4L/G-Unit. I’m very happy right now.

I can respect that, so tell me about the G-Unit deal? How were you two able to agree to a completely 50/50 deal?

Well, you have Shawty Lo, I’m a boss, as well as 50 Cent is a boss. When I first came up here, I had seven deals on the table.

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