V Exclusive: Trae Tha Truth Talks Working With Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross, Jadakiss, And More [Pg. 3]


Trae talks track with Rick Ross, Lloyd, And Game, “I Am The Streets”

You know what’s crazy, that song has been done for a long time. This young dude named Southside from Houston, he gave me the track, it was one of the first tracks I rapped on. And when I heard it, it instantly gave me a Game feel out the gate. Lloyd, that’s like my little brother so its mandatory to have something with Lloyd. I ended up reaching out to Lloyd, I had an idea for a hook, because I sometimes sing, so I gave him part of my idea and he came up with his own vibe. And I sent it to Ross, and Ross was the first person to do his so he ended up setting the pace for the record. The record ended up turning out to be crazy. As far as me and Ross, DJ Khaled tells me this all the time, I probably one of the people who got the most Ross verses ever. That’s my homie. We stay working.

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