VIBE Vixen’s 2011 HOT 25 (Summer Edition)


Nicki Minaj has bars. Sentencing.

However, there’s more to this animaniac. Her Vixen crown comes all equipped with the Barbie bells and whistles, but aside from the love she receives from hip-hop, she’s got pop culture on lock. Currently the Queens, NY native is performing on Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale tour to a growing fanbase and audience. After releasing her debut Pink Friday, a MAC lipstick and holding her on against ‘Ye, Jay and Ross, Vixens have loved. Debate as you please about her jocking Lil Kim’s steez, but she an undeniable talent who’s heating up everything she’s touched. (She’s blazing!)

For the future, don’t be surprised if you see her walking for a major fashion house or on the glossy pages of Vogue. She’s got a bright future. Lightbulb.