VIBE Vixen’s 2011 HOT 25 (Summer Edition)


Since the day that Amber Rose announced her separation from Kanye West, she has been fighting to stay in the limelight. And if I may say so myself, in 2011, she’s done a damn good job at it! Appearing front row at Paris Fashion Week, on the arm of Wiz Khalifa and most recently covering VIBE’s June/July issue, she is proving that she isn’t going out of sight or out of mind anytime soon. A. Rose has a vintage sunglasses boutique and a reality TV show (“Behind Her Shades”) in the works. Also, her enviable cambodian features, very proportioned physique and feisty platinum blond hair more than compensate for any lack of self-expression you may think she has. But then again, as cliché as it may sound, I guess blonds really do have more fun!

Who’s give a [bleep] what a hater gotta say?