VIBE Vixen’s 2011 HOT 25 (Summer Edition)


I know this may sound a bit pretentious, but if you don’t know who this woman is, I suggest you crawl out from under that rock, Google her or check your latest fashion magazine! Chanel Iman has been making love to the fashion world with her intriguing spreads for awhile now, but 2011 has definitely been a year for her. From Harper’s Bazaar to Elle, this is Victoria’s Secret Angel is hard to miss as you flip through glossy pages. Earlier this year, she received her best gift yet, solidifying her as not only a VS Angel, but our VIBE Vixen. She’s a top model, a Vixen, an Angel and the owner of LA’s boutique The Red Bag–what’s not to love?

Peep the vid, and make sure you keep an eye on this one.