VIBE Vixen’s 2011 HOT 25 (Summer Edition)


You know her name, you can spot her fiery red mane almost anywhere, and she pitches with a grenade apparently. Rihanna’s rockstar edge and mouthy Twitter rants control you in some uncanny way. Admit it. As she tours the country on her LOUD tour, she pops up every now and again for award shows, wearing the most to-die-for fashion pieces. I mean, you do remember the white suit at the Billboard Awards? Or that sheer Grammy get-up? She’s a dynamically daring Vixen every step of the way who drops bomb after bomb on your definition of her. The sexual star will even be making her first film debut in Battleship. The trailer is sest to be released this summer. We don’t know how she does it, but she’s a headliner everywhere she goes. She’s indeed a Reb’l Fleur.