VIXEN Boombox: Chloe Is Selling More Than Sex, Salutes Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa & The Weeknd


Have you found any labels that you’re really connecting with?
We have a few people, and we’re talking to a couple of people now. We’re connecting we DJ Skee, and he’s helping me with the mixtapes. We have that whole type of loop going there, so I find comfort over there. I’m working with someone. My management can give all of the press information. But, basically, I find comfort in YOLO and MadeStar, and I can’t wait to get with DJ Skee because we’re going to do something hot. We have some other people behind that as well. So, I don’t want to go too much into who I’m comfortable with but, I do have people in my life that I’m comfortable with that’s connected to labels. I’m kind of finding my way but I don’t want to give too much away.

You don’t want to spoil the surprise yet.
Exactly, and I have someone from VH1 talking to me about a reality show, documenting my life now ’til I rule the world [laughs].

So that’s depicting your life journey from now until you get picked up by a record label.
Exactly, yeah.

What other projects are you involved in?
Well, we’re going to work with DJ Skee on another mixtape. Basically, we’re going to drop what we can now, and I have a couple of more music videos in the making as well. So right now I just want to give people new songs, new pictures and more Chloe. As much of Chloe as they can get, and a lot things have happened already from one EP, so we’re going to do another one and pretty much from there.

Since you movement is focused on partying and having a good time, what’s the best type of party you been too?
Being from SD, I love homey-parties. I love house parties, I love just kicking it with all the friends, doing what you do. I kick it by the beach, so I love that whole environment. We go all night long until the morning; that’s my favorite party honestly. When I just call the homies up, and we kick it. But when I’m in L.A, I love to pop bottles. You can’t deny those nights. You know it’s on and poppin’, but I prefer house parties in SD.

What fashion statements do you like making? What’s your everyday outfit?
I love the rock the Vans, shorts, cut off tees. I usually I rock the snapbacks, but lately I’ve been crimping my hair. That’s kind of what I love to chill, that’s just something I like to kickback in. To be honest, I love Forever 21. I can find anything in there. I love going casual, but maybe vamping it up when I go out, maybe a Jeffery Campbell shoe. I’m really into something edgy but maybe a little bit flirty, because I can kind of be both as you can tell by my music. My image is sexy but with fun, cool, neighborhood vibe as well. So it’s either Vans or Jeffery Campbell, shorts or a cute little high-waisted skirt with a tank top. And the Chloe bag, of course. Always rocking the Chloe bag.

Whose out right now that’s your favorite artists or do you still inspire your own movement?
There are a lot of people. I respect, of course Nicki Minaj. She makes me feel like it’s okay, be a girl. Talk about whatever you what to talk about and do it,” because she did it and look where she got. Everyone seems to compare me to her. But I don’t want them to compare me to her but know that she is an influence. I learned so much from her by just watching her and understanding her. I also just love the whole new, young movement. I respect Wiz Khalifa for his whole thing of coming up on his own with his independent label. You can really do this on your own. He showed that you can really do this on your own. I respect the way he came up. And of course, Chris Brown. He had all that shit happen, and he was able to come out of it. His attitude and the way he’s approaching music is so young, so new and so innovative. I love how aggressive he is now. I know that when I’m performing and he’s performing next, I know it’s going to be a hot performance because of all that energy. That’s why I’m excited about the new generation. It’s the passion as the kids are coming up; it’s time for new everything. Now that I know that we’ve got it, it’s our future.  The Weeknd, I respect him right now and he’s kind of in the same situation that I am. Everyone is loving it, because virally. I have nothing but love for those people as well.

So you’re 100% supportive of the new generation, new styles and the new music coming up from this generation. Dope, so tell people why they should be Team Chloe?
People should be on Team Chloe because I represent being free, I represent confidence and being real. Just everything I say is true to myself. I’m just trying to be confident and promote positivity. There’s only one of you and as an army we can be rich and so great. And Team Chloe is all about “Hell Yeah. Let’s fucking do this.” I don’t care… this is the kind of person I am. Embrace who you are and don’t try and hide it. Don’t try to sugarcoat it. Just fly, free spirit. Live and let live.