Vixen Chat! Jill Marie Jones Shares Five Things We Don’t Know About Her


Jill Marie Jones is most affectionately known as our beloved Toni from Girlfriends, but since leaving the show, the actress has been exercising her acting skills and appearing in other projects that have wowed her fanbase. Jill has dominated a myriad of different roles, such as a serial killer, a transsexual, a lesbian and a non-fit mother. Our cocoa Vixen lady’s latest efforts have been onscreen in 35 & Ticking alongside Black Hollywood beauties Nicole Ari Parker, Meagan Good, Tamala Jones and Wendy Raquel, and onstage for her first theatre performance in Marriage Material with Allen Payne.

We chatted with the LA-resident about her recent roles, what we definitely didn’t know about her and her beauty must-haves!

VIXEN: You’ve had so many different diverse kinds of roles, what has been your favorite role to date?

JILL: That’s kind of hard. Girlfriends was definitely huge for me because it’s one of the reasons we’re able to have this conversation right now. It just started everything for me. I’ve been very blessed. I’ve played a serial killer, I’ve played a transsexual, I’ve played a lesbian, I’ve played a non-fit mother. I’m just a creative, artistic soul and I’ve just been very blessed to play diverse characters. I love them all.

What would you say are three things that make a person “marriage material?”
Honesty, first and foremost.  Not just honesty with the other person, but honesty with yourself, because sometimes we want certain things from a marriage, but what we want and what can actually make us happy are two different things. For me, laughter is very important. For me it’s about a life partner, it’s about someone I want to see when I’m 90 years old on the swings and we’re still laughing and best friends. Enjoying it through the good, the bad, just having that love of that person. Third, I would say [inaudible] I think having the same ultimate goal in mind. Because, you can love somebody but they’re on a different path. And sometimes just because you love somebody doesn’t mean you that you don’t have to let them go because you dream is a different dream from theirs. I think that falls in with honesty as well. Staying honest with what you want and who you are.

Do you feel that women should get to a certain age and have children?
I think when God blesses me with a baby then that’ll be a blessing that I have. I don’t necessarily believe in society telling me it’s time for a woman to have with a child. I think for each woman it’s individual, for me I’ve never felt the clock ticking. I do want children one day and when God blesses me with that, that’s what I’ll have. I just don’t believe that we should let society play into that because I think everybody’s situation is different and when that woman is ready to have a child she will and it’s OK if she does not want to have a child. But, I don’t think society should play a part in that.  I’m from the South, so most of my friends back home in Texas have been married, had children right out of college. So I went through a period where I felt like “Wow, maybe that’s what I’m supposed to do.” But, I felt like I’m blessed to be able to have an amazing life and I’m so happy to be in this life and when God feels I’m ready. I’ll be ready.