Vixen Chat! Jill Marie Jones Shares Five Things We Don’t Know About Her


What are five things that people don’t know and should know about Jill Marie Jones?

1. Purses…
Nine time out of 10 times I always have a purse inside of a purse. The small purse is for the night, the big purse is for the day, there’s always a purse. The (small) purse plays the role of a wallet, it’s like the brain and the nucleus, so I can change from big bag to big bag to big bag daily, but I still have the small bag inside the big bag. So I can change my big bags, it’s just as easy as taking that small bag and putting it into another bag.

Where did you learn that from?
I don’t know, maybe laziness? [laughs]

2. Country music…
I love country music. I was born and raised in Dallas, I have friends from Texas who don’t like country music, I just happen to love it. The only style of music that really hasn’t rocked my boat yet is heavy metal. I really don’t like a lot strings and that loud (music). But, I really like most kinds of music, but I love country music.

Who would you say is your favorite country music artist?
Well, my favorite album is “No Fences” by Garth Brooks. My favorite song is probably “Unanswered Prayers” by Garth Brooks.

3. Addressing rumors…
There were rumors from back when I was on Girlfriends… Yes my lips are real and yes my boobs are real.

4. Sense of humor…
I’m kind of corny, I have a goofy type of sense of humor.

5. Pickle juice…
I drink pickle juice. I love pickle juice.

You put it in a glass and drink it?
Yeah, or in a wine glass when I’m feeling fancy. I love pickles and pickle juice.

Do you drink pickle juice often?
No, but I can. But, if I did I would look like the Goodyear Blimp. [laughs]

What are a few beauty products that you have to have with you?
Laura Mercier Pink Champagne is my favorite lipstick and it’s a beautiful nude and it’s always in my bag. I’m kind of like Angelina Jolie in a way, because I really don’t like lip glosses. I like my lips to be matte. Jasmine Oil is typically in my purse. I have my mineralized MAC powder. It’s so amazing, it’s great. I never have a mirror, which is crazy, so hopefully it looks right if my friend is not a hater. [laughs] Normally mirrors don’t fit in my cute little clutch.

What does it mean to be a Vixen?
I think a Vixen is someone who knows their worth and really understands what they means. Because women are powerful. You can’t multiply without us. I think a Vixen just means knowing your worth. I always look at Samantha from Sex and the City and a lot people thought of her however they thought of her.  Whatever you do in life, as long as you’re taking care of yourself and you have the power I think that’s what a Vixen is. As long as you know your worth and you’re running the shots and no one has the power over your life then I think you’re in control. As long as you do it on your own terms.