Waka Says The Rap Game Is ‘Too Fake;’ Plans Retirement


Waka Flocka Flame is fed up with the rap game and refuses to put up with it any longer. Even without a sophomore album (it took rap vets such as Hov years before they spoke of making this sort of move) under his catalogue, Waka jumped on Twitter to annouce his (supposed) impending retirement: “This game 2 Fake. I quite rap after this year.”

“I’m tired of going through what I go through, and punk a–es always rain on my world,” the paint man ranted to radio station V-103. “There’s so [many] different haters, fake smiles, different hugs. I’d rather work at Walmart than rap, and that’s my word on God. Yup, I put that on Jesus Christ. I’m not lying or nothing. It’s something I could never explain to people because they could never understand it ‘cause they not living the lifestyle. At the end of the day, the people who’s living the lifestyle could understand why I’m doing it.”

Think this towel talk is just a phase or publicity fakeout? According to momager Deb Antney, her baby boy’s not playing games: “He talking about quitting. He’s sick of this. We all are. We’re all disgusted with this stuff. You can’t trust people.”

Waka’s reasons for even considering withdrawal are understandable, but we’ve seen this card played many a time. But we’ll wait to see what happens in 365. — Stephanie Long