We Need A Resolution: 6 Tips For Aaliyah’s Tribute On BET


When I first heard mention of a tribute honoring the late Aaliyah, I thought to myself that this was about time. Exactly 10 years after her tragic death, BET plans to honor Aaliyah with a special tribute.

Upon BET’s tweet, my timeline was filled with constant retweets of the network informing everyone to stay tuned for a special tribute next month. Even though no official date has yet to be released, the show is slated to include special appearances from her close friends and family.

For those who do not know, this year sadly marks a decade since Aaliyah Haughton’s death. The rising R&B singer-turned-actor was killed in a random plane crash in August 2001 after finishing the music video for her single “Rock the Boat.”

At the time of her death, Aaliyah had just released her third studio album Aaliyah. Not to mention, buzz was generating around her latest appearance in the movie Queen Of The Damned. She was also rumored to be in talks of being casted in an updated version of the 1976 girl-group film Sparkle. Seems like “Baby Girl” was coming into herself and reaching crossover appeal, which makes her death even more heartbreaking for true L-I-Y-A-H fans.

Now what would be even more heartbreaking for fans, like myself, would be if BET hurriedly throws something together and calls it a “tribute.” We’ve seen this happen for the death of the beloved King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Not only did the tribute feel rushed in 2009, the network had to do another attempt during the next awards show. Guilty maybe?

Proper planning will help the network pull off a tasteful tribute for the fallen princess. Again, proper planning.  Here are some tips for BET to help pull off a well-deserving tribute:

  1. I Care For You- Gather a few artists who were inspired by her where we can actually see her influences in their talents. This may be a challenge because many artists never pay homage to Aaliyah as being their inspiration; however, we can see many of their moves and stage presence inspired by her. Just select carefully.
  2. At Your Best- Produce a retrospect of her talents and transition through the entertainment industry. From being R. Kelly’s ingénue to stepping in to her own light, her talents and aspirations quickly unfolded in front of our eyes.  Where was her career involving? After her death we can only question where she would be today.
  3. Back, Back, Forth And Forth… Call up Fatima, her choreographer, to rally a few dancers to actually put on a special dance tribute. At the time of her rise, she was the only Black female performer who strived to incorporate funky dance moves. Take this time to highlight some of her memorable performances.
  4. More Than A Woman- Trace the lineage of her becoming into a woman through her style, lyrics and boogie. When she first hit the scene, she rocked her baggy jeans and sports bras with no problem. Throughout the years we saw her come into her own sexuality by become more feminine.
  5. One In A Million- Employ some of her friends, such as Missy Elliot, Timberland & Magoo, Ginuwine and Jet Li, who actually worked with the singer behind the scenes to offer his or her experiences with Aaliyah and how they remember her.
  6. Again, do not rush.

What other suggestions would you offer to the network to produce a successful tribute?

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