Weavology is Universal!


Yep! Like they say…long hair, don’t care! And you shouldn’t! Who says black women are the only ones that seem to add a little length to their tresses? Instead, we seemingly fall under the taboo that if you see a black chick wearing weave, she must not have much of her own hair…or maybe none at all.

But let’s get rid of the stereotype, because truth be told, hair weave or hair extensions are universal! And someone choosing to rock their Indian Remy, doesn’t mean home girl doesn’t have plenty.

Women of other races and ethnicities “study” hair extensions as much as black women and pay the big bucks too! Celebs such as Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton both have their own line of clip-in extensions and in Simpson’s case hers promises to glamour you up in 5 minutes.

It simply comes down to the application, style, type of hair and purpose of its use. Whether it’s a sew-in, quick weave, glue-in, fusion technique, lacefront, wig or a clip-in — weave is universal and used by women of all races.

For some, it’s a convenient quick fix for managing a “stay-ready” look, for others it’s to add a glamour effect, and yes, it can be a solution to thinning hair or hair loss…which is just fine. All women have the right to feel good, look good, or change it up sometimes and do what works for them.


Plus, if you paid for it it’s yours right?

Now we could argue the back and forth on whether extensions are healthy for your own hair or not, but be advised Vixens — we are NOT the only chicks whippin’ “added” hair!

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