What He Say? Five Things About Women That Make Roscoe Dash Say “Oh My”


VIBE caught up with Roscoe Dash for a quick chat about his latest projects, one of them being DJ Drama’s orchestrated club banger “Oh My.” Also, featuring rappers Fab and Wiz Khalifa this song has heated up, so VIBE Vixen decided to take the reigns and ask: What are five things that make this ATLien say, “oh my?”

Peep what he had to say:

“Oh, nice legs, pretty smile, she gotta have pretty feet, she gotta have her own swag, her own style and can pretty much rock anything—she gotta be versatile when it comes to her style and what she wears, and fun! There’s a lot of pretty girls that are sadiddy and stuck-up, and that’s like the biggest turn off in the world. If she’s fun and pretty and knows how to make you laugh at the same time and has a good sense of humor, that’s definitely a ‘Oh My’ to me.”

Aw, he’s a fun guy looking for a fun girl. Can you blame him?

Read his full interview at VIBE!

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