Why Christian Dior’s Fall 2011 Couture Collection Suffered Without John Galliano


With the lords of fashion teetering on giving John Galliano a second chance, Christian Dior’s Fall 2011 couture collection was still judged as a fail to most fashionistas. Bill Gaytten took the creative reigns since JG’s meltdown, and it showed greatly. The inspiration was in a different place. Here’s what Glamazon Channing had to say about it:

One ill-mannered monkey doesn’t stop Christian Dior’s show. Christian Dior’s Fall 2011 Couture show went on with one notable name missing: John Galliano. After Galliano was let go, Bill Gaytten stepped up from Galliano’s assistant to head designer. And it was apparent that his aesthetic differs greatly than Galliano’s.

Perhaps it’s because Galliano worked so hard to define the look of the woman who wore Christian Dior. That woman is regal, sophisticated, luxurious, imaginative. But Gaytten’s show was… different. And very 80s.

There were lots of bright colors, bold patterns and wild head pieces but at the same time it all just seemed very young. Maybe this is just Gaytten flexing his skills as a designer. They’re had to have been ideas floating in his head for years of what he would do when given the opportunity.

Now that he has the opportunity, I’m not sure that the show’s look is one that I like or even understand for that matter. Maybe I’m just having a hard time accepting the change? Despite John Galliano’s disgusting faults, you have to admit he was a talented designer.

She’s spot-on about the 80’s mindset that Bill was on. Despite the brand’s legacy, the newly appointed designer played a little too much with the “imaginative” part.

Let us know, do you like the collection?