Why You Should Never Date Your Girlfriend’s Man


From Hello Beautiful - When it comes to sisterhood, it’s safe to say the loyalty factor plays a bit more of a bigger role in our bond. There are rules that simply have absolutely NO exceptions to them, they cannot be broken, fractured or even sprained–only severed. Not only that, but there is little to no room for flexibility in bending the rules a even a little. Absolutely not, my friend.

The difference between brotherhood and sisterhood is simple: Bros before hoes. Meaning, guys could fall out over a woman, duke it out and still be on for drinks at ‘Nipsy’s’ on Friday night. If you still are having difficulty understanding this, say man X dates girl H. Girl H sleeps with man X’s best friend, hmmm, let’s call him man G. Man X finds out about this, he’s mad–fuming even. He confronts the two involved, and long story short man X drops girl H, fights man G and go on to play ball in Rucker’s Park with the fellas around 9 o’clock that night. Problem solved, bros before hoes. No garden tool will ever come between a man and his brotherhood. It just won’t happen.

This situation would play out a LOT different if it were reversed. Ladies, we know how we are–a*s backwards. We’d never have a bond like that, I don’t care if you were my blood.

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